205 – Ben Cooper of IoClothes – A New Era of Fashion Tech

Bridging the gap between technology and the footwear, apparel & textile industries…

Ben Cooper, Founder/Managing Director of IoClothes (helping companies deliver breakthrough innovation) discusses Wear Conference, wearable technology, and the spurring the intersection of fashion and technology. Recorded at the 2017 Wear Conference in San Francisco, CA. Powered by Sennheiser.

Footwear in the army, bridging a gap, and the holy grail of data

Cooper talks about his past as an athlete, physics, biomechanics, improving human performance, led footwear program for the US Army, exited from a tech company, led research and testing for VF Global Innovation Center, explored wearables, what’s lagging in the wearable space, bridging the gap between fashion apparel footwear industry and tech industry and ushering in a new era. Pursuing a model that opens up a platform, and having the same ability to impact companies regardless of size recognition. The holy grail of data, why data should be about adding more value, and the need more attempts for more data.

Igniting creativity, facilitating the future, and bringing people together

Io Clothes launching a beta, hoping to find value in interactions, a massive tech transfer department vs. handshake deals, and being meant to ignite creativity and collaboration. Being passionate about what can come on the other side, and how Io Clothes is a clearing house for consultants. Cooper doing the best he can to facilitate the future he wants to see. Bringing all these people together, like 99 Designs or Fiverr for the creative side. How answers are out there and one just needs to bring it together.

Fishing, reflecting, and crushing goals

Personal questions cover retreating with fishing, why second place mattered, the gift of a sleeping bag, taking time to reflect, and the clock doesn’t lie, reinventing and crushing goals.

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