215 – Jannis Koehn of Looklet – Customizing Efficient Creativity

Cost-effective, large output image solution, for on-figure apparel…

Jannis Koehn, CEO of Looklet (a Swedish company which combines high quality dynamic Lookletimages in a simple and scalable process, perfectly suited for the new world of online fashion) joins Marc Raco, Pavan Bahl, and Ilan Tito at Shoptalk Europe in Copenhagen. Powered by Sennheiser.

A green studio, a production line for fashion photos, and perfecting color and lighting

LookletKoehn discusses how the company started a different business model, starting as an online community with 700k teenage users worldwide, mix and match outfits and style and share. The green studio in Looklet, how it is all computer controlled, with a fixed camera, no LED lights because it doesn’t look like real fashion photo with LEDs, an installed computer for dependable process, and high productivity scaled production. Built for industrial production in fashion space. Creativity plus efficiency. And the ability to install in warehouses of large retailers also. Provides a production line for fashion photos. How Looklet processes every image, not having to style mannequins over and over, deconstructing fashion images and reconstructing as needed, with a catalogue of model images, paying buyout models who become a part of the product. Color and light are a critical part of the process. Thinking both from retailers and consumer POV. Highest color accuracy possible is critical to minimize returns.

Value proposition, personalization possibilities, and changing from a core competency

LookletWhy it’s not just about cost savings, time to market, and flexibility in styling, and location simplicity. Seeing different models depending on who you are, reassembling images in real time, creating hundreds of thousands of versions of images. The impact on model buyout prices as the industry is threatened by this technology. Why the exciting use case is personalization, enabling the building of looks on a personal level, appealing to the individual. How to get there from where Looklet is now, and dealing with the decision makers who feel it is tough to let go of a core competency. And the implications of this tech if AI-powered. Customized images sell better than one size fits all.

Neutral models, child and plus size, and sand cakes

The ability to make suggestions on how to wear merchandise. Avoiding neutral models in order to not interfere with multi-brand identities, paying attention to not contrasting or matching the known models attached to a brand. How an image can change depending on time of day you shop, outfit should change, and where the wide market for these services are. Considerations for child and big/tall/plus — and are animals on the road map? Off the Grid Questions cover selling sand cakes to pancakes, eating “polses”, being in solitude, pristine, intact nature, and creating music.

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