216 – Maciej Trybilo and Marco Di Pietro of SkipQ – Shopping Minus Friction

Mobile-based retail checkout system…

SkipQOne of the biggest for brick and mortar retail is the line to check out, which can result in lost and limited sales and substantial additional expense just to make the transactions happen. SkipQ has created a solution with a self checkout mobile solution to enable payments on-the-go and reduce waiting time for customers. SkipQ: love shopping, hate queueing.

Maciej Trybilo (Founder/Director) and Marco Di Pietro (Advisor) of SkipQ join Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco and Ilan Tito at Shoptalk Europe in Copenhagen. Powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:


  • How the SkipQ founding team considered what the worst thing about the shopping experience is and wanted to solve it
  • How a consumer can walk in with the SkipQ app, buy merchandise on the app, and walk out without talking to anyone if they want to
  • Dealing with sensors that are attached to apparel and bags, d proposing a switch to soft tags and RFID to work with SkipQ
  • Di Pietro’s 25 years in factories and fashion operations/logistics, and advancing the industry as a pioneer in that space
  • The increasing willingness of people to adopt technology
  • SkipQHow the whole in-store experience needs to be rethought.
  • Why Shoptalk is a good opportunity for retailers
  • Taking friction out of the retail store experience for the consumer, and the store has different meaning
  • Resources can be re-allocated, staff can help customers through the journey instead of checking people out
  • SkipQ allows any retailer to be like an “Amazon Go” concept in practice
  • Layering in loyalty programs, and layering in insights and the potential for new insights
  • Additional value in lunchtimes, hotels, and avoiding shopping bottlenecks
  • How SkipQ can offer an pportunity for upsell, and an opportunity to create layers
  • Magical consumer experiences, and making retail magical and a surprise
  • The most Danish Danish
  • The value of gathering ideas from others by talking with them

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