235 – Adrien Schmidt of Bouquet – Aristotle’s Answers

What if you could get to know your data, and have easy, frictionless access to KPIs, answers and analytics in a simple and natural way – like a friendly conversation? Could that be a valuable member of your team? Well, that new team-member’s name would be—Aristotle…

AristotleAdrien Schmidt, CEO of Bouquet (artificial intelligence to power intelligent conversations about data, including Aristotle) joins Rob Sanchez, Marc Raco and guest host Nataliya Makulova on location at Valtech’s Innovation Lab during NRF 2018 in New York. Valtech is a global digital agency focused on business transformation. MouthMedia Network is Powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • A look into the name “Aristotle”, several “great reasons”, including Aristotle’s tenure as Alexander the Great’s tutor through questions and answers, which worked out well—and how it is all about dialogue and conversations
  • Questions and answers more integrated with voice-enabled systems, start asking will this work to say “Hey Aristotle…”
  • Another origin of the name comes a vision from more than 30 years ago when Steve Jobs showcased Mac, he said how cool it would be to speak with AristotleAristotle
  • Trademarking the name
  • How retail is increasingly data-driven
  • Actionable information vs. raw data
  • Transmitting data back usually in graphical or data base form but via form of voice?
  • Also a visual interface is avilable
  • One part of answer is text (which can be voiced), and the second part is a chart
  • The need for data quickly, frictionless and accuracy (neither happens when humans rush)
  • The more knowledgeable one is the more valuable one is for company and coworkers
  • And someone can focus on higher-level research or data work instead of the things Aristotle can accomplish
  • Bigger transparency offers the ability to ask the right question, attain better accuracy
  • Using audio bumpers is on roadmap for the near future
  • How Aristotle can be taking initiative to analyze and reportAristotle
  • Proactive member of team
  • Calendar integration also in the roadmap
  • Need variations and the random factor in answers including different ways of answering and even being jokingly wrong,
  • Uses the voice on one’s device (i.e. Siri, Alexa)

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