242 – Joey Spanjers of Elliot – Unify and Connect

Connecting existing systems to enable faster global distribution in retail…

SpanjersJoey Spanjers, Co-founder and Head of Growth of Elliot (containers built for the future of commerce, enabling merchants to orchestrate catalog and order data across their entire tech stack without needing IT) joins Pavan Bahl and Marc Raco at Shoptalk in Las Vegas. MouthMedia Network studios are powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Connecting the digital and the physical while involving the entire global scope of a business
  • Unifying all storefront while plugging into the entire sales force
  • How there is a lot of noise in this space regarding digital plus physical
  • What’s different about Elliot, the team’s background deep domain expertise
  • Tool is built to give better control over brand and not relying on the heavy handed process of other services
  • Plugging into all applications, three primary data points: order/inventory/customers — plus figuring out different APIs brands are using, and feeding into those
  • How Elliot can show an entire business or narrow to specific channels to monitor performance
  • Where inventory positions are
  • Why the company is gaining so much attention, considering it just started in July 2017
  • How the company started as side project and put 10 years of knowledge into it
  • The origin of the company name, Alexa’s boyfriend — or — urban dictionary?
  • Digitally native brands have a different set of problems
  • Aspiring to being the “Flavor Flav of Global Commerce”
  • Learning lessons from what people are looking for at Shoptalk
  • At Shoptalk, 15 meetings before coming, and the flow at booth is great
  • Big client in Crocs, a great opportunity to work with someone who really knows the space
  • How a large client can help you understand how to bring more large clients
  • KPIs for a big brand, figuring out KPIS, with the biggest being simply that the platform works
  • Identifying brands who can find value
  • Fly fishing, Survivor, and The Apprentice

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