246 – Shane Mac – Chatbots, Messaging, and Automation

Messaging and voice automation in retail…

Shane MacShane Mac, Co-Founder and CEO of Assist (a leading enterprise chatbot platform using AI for messaging and voice automation) joins Pavan Bahl and Marc Raco at Shoptalk 2018 in Las Vegas.

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In this episode:

  • The ability to fully order products and services just by speaking into your mobile device
  • Why the company Assist, Inc. needs to exist
  • So many players on the Internet, how it is all so complicated
  • The power of written word, and then the spoken word, talking to machines and there will be a log of that that will make it easier when we can use our words more often to take action online
  • Why Internet works – because there aren’t people
  • The goal is to do something that builds relationships with automation and do it well, at scale
  • What you understand – language; what you remember – context
  • Those who pick great use cases will become great at AIShane Mac
  • The errors are the intelligence in the space
  • How people will want entry automation – the relationship of the future might be in the bot, not the brand, and will become the gateway to discovery
  • Trying to make AI more and more human-like in sound and reactions, and will there be a point when we don’t want it to be too human?
  • Why we shouldn’t make AI be like a human, if we don’t understand that when we use language and how your treat people, words are powerful and can cause harm
  • Diversity mandates understanding how to treat everyone in the world, racism can happen, lack of understanding of people can cause automation can treat people badly
  • Designing errs that creates understanding and great language pieces
  • Using chatbots to write new rules on the flow
  • Deflecting past channels to a new paradigm
  • The power of adding a camera
  • Why we don’t need to redesign retail by certain methods
  • Mac’s new podcast “Machine Yearning”

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