254 – Trailblazers – The Business of Inclusive Design

EXPERT TRAILBLAZERS PANEL: The Business of Inclusive Design – Market Challenges, and What It Means for Your Business

This Trailblazers panel is with Maura Horton (CEO/Founder at MagnaReady / Board Member MIT – Open Style Lab), Shelly Fogel (Executive Vice President at LFAmericas), Alexandra Connell (Founder & CEO at, and Rick Darling (Executive Director of Government & Trade Relations, and Corporate Sustainability at Li & Fung Limited).

About the Trailblazers Conference June 14, 2018:

One Size Does Not Fit All: Inclusive Design & the Modern Consumer

Niche markets like adaptive, inclusive and plus-size design are growing fast in a world increasingly more invested in empowering the underrepresented.

Retail now has an opportunity to both increase profit margins while positively impacting the lives of millions of consumers with unmet needs. We look forward to further exploring these multibillion-dollar retail opportunities at this conference.

Alvanon Trailblazers is an annual gathering of top entrepreneurs, creators and businesses discussing the big topics shaping and impacting the future of our industry.

About Coresight Research and Alvanon

CORESIGHT RESEARCH is a research and advisory firm that works at the intersection of global retail, technology and fashion. The firm has offices in the US, UK, China and India and specializes in crossborder retail strategies.

ALVANON is an innovations company reinventing the way fashion works. We believe in empowering the apparel industry to change; in a desire to keep learning and improving; and that collaborative innovation is key to success in today’s rapidly changing world.


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