255 – GlamCorner and Zanui – Online Customer Experience in Australia

Zanu and GlamCornerWhy customer experience is at core of what drives both Australia’s larger online apparel rental business and Australia’s online destination for furniture & homewares…

Dean Jones, CEO/Co-Founder of GlamCorner (Australia’s larger online apparael rental business (like a Rent the Runway), and Yosuke Hall, Managing Director of Zanui  (an Australian online destination for furniture & homewares with 50k SKUs (Like WayFair)), joins Pavan Bahl on location in Sydney, Australia at Online Retailer City and Nora Network, for a conversation presented by Fluent Commerce.

In this episode:

  • Zanui – Online shopping for products online, how customer experience important, the element of risk, so add much content to reduce risk, and post purchase experience is very important
  • GlamCorner  – Traditionl online experience mixed with like a travel or hotel booking engine, and calendar booking engine
  • The importance of not depreciating brand partners and their brand in your online presence, creating high end online experience, including colors, fonts, to how products are displayed
  • Consideration of acquiring new brands
  • With online consumers miss the touch and feel experience, and how AR can help bridge that challengeZanu and GlamCorner
  • AR is still very high expense to render 50k 3D renders of products for companies like Zanui
  • Starting to segment audiences, collect data and identify personas, create experiences and personalize based on activity of those personas
  • Data infrastructure, how you’re collecting and organizing – so important: got to have your act together
  • Keeping in contact with site visitors throughout their  journey
  • Chatbots pros and cons
  • What to improve for customer – right size and fit

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