255 – GlamCorner and Zanui – Online Customer Experience in Australia

Zanu and GlamCorner

Zanu and GlamCornerWhy customer experience is at core of what drives both Australia’s larger online apparel rental business and Australia’s online destination for furniture & homewares…

Dean Jones, CEO/Co-Founder of GlamCorner (Australia’s larger online apparael rental business (like a Rent the Runway), and Yosuke Hall, Managing Director of Zanui  (an Australian online destination for furniture & homewares with 50k SKUs (Like WayFair)), joins Pavan Bahl on location in Sydney, Australia at Online Retailer City and Nora Network, for a conversation presented by Fluent Commerce.

In this episode:

  • Zanui – Online shopping for products online, how customer experience important, the element of risk, so add much content to reduce risk, and post purchase experience is very important
  • GlamCorner  – Traditionl online experience mixed with like a travel or hotel booking engine, and calendar booking engine
  • The importance of not depreciating brand partners and their brand in your online presence, creating high end online experience, including colors, fonts, to how products are displayed
  • Consideration of acquiring new brands
  • With online consumers miss the touch and feel experience, and how AR can help bridge that challengeZanu and GlamCorner
  • AR is still very high expense to render 50k 3D renders of products for companies like Zanui
  • Starting to segment audiences, collect data and identify personas, create experiences and personalize based on activity of those personas
  • Data infrastructure, how you’re collecting and organizing – so important: got to have your act together
  • Keeping in contact with site visitors throughout their  journey
  • Chatbots pros and cons
  • What to improve for customer – right size and fit

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