262 – Pierre Nicolas Hurstel of REMODE – Equipping Fashion Leaders for Success

Founding a premiere event for disruptive and sustainable fashion…

REMODEPierre Nicolas Hurstel, Founder of REMODE (an event bringing together established and up-and-coming fashion brands, as well as innovators across the entire value chain of the fashion business, to share ideas, find practical solutions and forge new connections), joins Marc Raco, Pavan Bahl, and Nataliya Makulova in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

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In this episode:

  • How the industry is changing because consumers are expecting different things, more seamless, we want products the way we want, more purpose and transparency
  • Hurstel on coming from France, a small consulting practice on change management, strategy, working with big luxury houses in France
  • He ran a company for five years about events, learned how difficult it was for brands to connect with customers, trying to be useful as an event organizer
  • Helping brands do more business, added value for clientsREMODE
  • Hurstel came up with idea of an event dedicated to brands and decisionmakers, then went to UBM
  • How it takes a lot of charisma, curating 150 educators
  • How long it took to get in motion
  • Building the team, brand, website, building the conference
  • Whether the conference was baked before pitching speakers/educators
  • Stamina and determination to create something that didn’t exist before, bringing people together
  • Why so much change is happening now in the industry
  • Hurstel as a trade show organizer needing to find a new model, serving the industry, trying to serve clients – REMODE was the answer to those two things
  • REMODE as a B-to-B event for fashion – current, relevant, adds value, offers user expericne of what we expect as consumers
  • What is happening as retailers disappear — what do you do for the brand
  • Remode is made for brands so they can reach customers by themselves
  • Some 50 startups are all bringing something very interesting to table, product and design to retail
  • Areas of sustainability that most excite Hurstel, some exciting startups and some successful brands doing it well
  • Does customer need to be more vocal for change?
  • Plus Hurstel on cooking, rugby, family, electronic music, and disconnecting, and different business cultures

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