263 – Eric Bamberger of IgnitionOne – Consumer Insights and the Customer Journey

Guiding consumer insights to build audiences, optimize marketing campaigns, collect data, and utilize life moments…

BambergerEric Bamberger, SVP of Hospitality for IgnitionOne (an award-winning Customer Intelligence Platform enabling marketers to understand, value and engage with their customers in real-time) , joins Pavan Bahl and Marc Raco on location at the IgnitionOne Summit in New York.

In this episode:

  • Data has always been important to travel and other lifestyle industries
  • Bigger companies operating with legacy systems, making consumer insights difficult
  • Department of hospitality, organizing data, making it effective with clients
  • IgnitionOne has a fundamental understanding of the customer journey
  • First party data – the data a company can personally aggregate from their site, most companies don’t even know what to do with this data much less integrating third party data
  • Connecting with CRM files
  • Starting with cookies, using tags, create a scoring algorithm
  • Processing in real time, which gives a leg up on others
  • Working primarily with enterprise customers, larger hotel chainsBamberger
  • Reading macrotrends, such as oil and gas mining in Texas relating with a hotel occupancy standpoint, adjusting strategies to react on trend data
  • Messaging vs. using data to drive direct bookings
  • Loyalty is less important, more about saving money
  • IgnitionOne’s proprietary scoring algorithm, custom machine learning algorithm for each customer, get high accuracy predcitionon propensity to convert, which then leads to bidding decisions
  • Platform, ads, the spend used defending brands—-generic type key words for searches
  • Everything can be an acquisition channel with the right conversion strategy
  • Ad experiences in personalizatrion
  • Considering trends in social platform use related to driving spend and conversion, and searching for all inventory sources
  • The relevance of apps
  • New data impacts each consumer visit, various sources of info for strategy in connecting uniquely to that person
  • The wins in digital marketing that are possible with real effort

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