265 – Dr. Wendy LeBorgne – The Voice, The Brand

Does your voice reflect your communication image? Does your voice reflect your brand?

Dr. Wendy Dr.  Wendy LeBorgne, Ph.D., ccc-slp (voice pathologist, singing voice specialist, and director of the Blaine Block Institute for Voice Analysis and Rehabilitation (Dayton, OH), and The Professional Voice Center of Greater Cincinnati)  joins Marc Raco, Pavan Bahl, and guest host Monika Tockstein (Senior Manager, PMO & Quality Assurance at New York and Co.) on location at the Remodista Community Day. More on Remodista at www.remodista.com.

In this episode:

  • How communication is the art of relaying an idea to another individual with purposeful intent and the receiver of that information accurately understanding and integrating the intended information
  • Effective communication is a feedback loop, not a one-way street of verbal idea dumping
  • As humans, we are the only species uniquely equipped to communicate with verbal language
  • Beyond the words we choose, we can use the power of voice as the primary mode to influence and connect with others through five key elements that fashion our individual Voice Brand™
  • Voice Brand™ and how voice reflects communication image
  • Biometric imopressions of a voice, and what decsions we make about someone based on their voice
  • Running voice through HR algorithms to determine hirability based on voice
  • Call-in centers that pair you with CSR best style matching you based on voice
  • Your authentic self vs. your voice
  • Thinking about voice brand, and a brand of a company
  • Using voice to encourage others to follow, and leaders to listen to someone to consider inputDr. Wendy
  • What are communicative and voice needs
  • Challenges in taking to team when you don’t come across as well
  • Cultural bias, gender bias, age bias
  • Being a vocal athlete
  • A case study with the guest host
  • Being a “Voice Geek”
  • The value of asking what you like about your own voice, and not like
  • Neuromotor planning, patterned that in tension or stress vocal muscles tense, being able to unprogram through patterning and training
  • Hillary Clinton, connecting voice and message –what she could have done differently, and being seen as not authentic over time
  • Avergae pitch of women’s voices have dropped after 1960
  • Another Dr. Wendy book on Voice Branding Beyond Words
  • It is not just the words you say, it is how you say them

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