271 – Matt Kaden of MMG Advisors – You Must Try

A look at the current retail landscape and why brands and retailers must evolve to stay relevant…

Matt KadenMatt Kaden, Managing Director for MMG Advisors (providing investment banking, strategic and financial advisory services to clients in the retail, fashion, textile, home, jewelry and beauty sectors) joins Marc Raco, Rob Sanchez, and Nataliya Makulova on location at The Lead Summit in Brooklyn, NY.

In this episode:

  • How Kaden is looking at companies, trends, and how to be on top of opportunities
  • The way he inbounds, a secret sauce, built Instagram handle, follow the brands that he knows in street wear beauty, and brands Instagram tells him too follow, inbounding the way Gen Z is attuned to brands, pretending to be the consumer
  • A convergence is coming – like to see more larger strategics test and learn, and be more patient and willing to fail, 
  • Encouraged in what he sees with Macy’s team and investments
  • You have to try
  • Conscious consumers – multi tiered approach is where it will settleMatt Kaden
  • Massive brands again?
  • The evolution he’s hoping for
  • The halo effect impact on brands
  • Blockchain, smart contracts, transparency of production, where it all lays in bigger picture of development of new companies and larger brands – very important
  • Be positive, not about the now, and more about being here in 5-10 years
  • Must be exceptional, and the system will purge who isn’t
  • A period of restart and start-up

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