273 – Audrey-Laure Bergenthal of Euveka – Shape-Shifting Fashion

Adjustable, connected, robotic mannequin that transforms how fitting and sizing can be done…

Audrey-Laure Bergenthal, President/CEO and  of Euveka  joins Nataliya Makulova on location at Remode Conference in Los Angeles.

In this episode:

  • A shape shifting mannequin, a lot of years of R and DEuveka
  • Just started commercialization, fantastic adventure dedicated life to it
  • Set size scale and the mannequin shifts to that size, seamless, beautiful
  • Fundraising, and then being approached by major brands
  • The goal to be massive, not just a startup
  • Origin of idea by listening to her mother
  • Discovering how little was robotized in fashion and other sectors
  • How traditional mannequins don’t look like the people you know
  • Many directions and measurements the Euveka mannequin can shift
  • Audrey-Laure went to fashion school and studied pattern making, then worked for five years
  • Being in love with craftsmanship
  • Breasts on the woman’s torso of the mannequin is soft like a human, but the rest of the torso is robotized
  • Expand in both width and height
  • Data protection considerations for brands
  • How Euveka positioned the company in the medical sector as well, so careful legal and privacy considerations
  • The many recognitions being received for Euveka
  • Being a female led robotics technology company

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