275 – Bence Ivancsics of SneakerTracker – The Sneakerhead Lifestyle Connected

A social media platform for the sneakers, the users, and all the important players of the sneakerhead scene…

BenceBence Ivancsics, CEO of SneakerTracker, joins “The Game Plan with Dale Moss” host Dale Moss and guest host and fashion technology expert Pavan Bahl in the MouthMedia Network studios powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Sports fashion and sneaker heads
  • Sneakers are so unique and brands are putting marketing efforts into it
  • The sneaker craze started around 1985?
  • The value of seeing actual product in use, carry with you the impact
  • Idolizing lifestyle connected
  • Becoming a symbol of excellence
  • Giving feel in real time, showing off sneakers and showing to community what you’re wearing and connecting with living habits
  • A new network, and social influencers
  • The community aspect of SneakerTracker
  • Making people feel like they are a part of something bigger
  • How sneakers are leading sports teams to revise dress codes
  • A major shift in the NFL in the marketing space in motion
  • People are enthusiastic to share info on what they are wearing
  • Sales: numbers are one thing, seeing them on the field is another
  • Learning who, what, where, why they are wearing the sneakersBence
  • Brands will know more to release shoes strategically
  • Live analytics on what people are wearing in an event venue, what brands most popular, etc
  • Data collection, and “wcommerce”
  • One can picture oneself in that shoe
  • Being able to have a community and implementing it—the tech isn’t the hard part
  • Knowing what people are commenting, and driving to sales
  • The development of experiences/events around product drops/releases
  • Why it matters that Bence’s co-founder is a marketing expert
  • Origins of SneakerTracker, coming from Budapest
  • Hyper-engagement and relationship between customer and brand, but a delicate balance — brands can’t misstep or abuse their audiences
  • Protecting your public image on social media

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