277 – Dan Leahy of MakerSights – Bridging the Decision Gap

A decision engine for modern retail…

Dan Leahy, Co-founder/CEO at MakerSights (a product decision platform for retail, bridges the gap between what brands think consumers want and what consumers ultimately purchase),  joins Nataliya Makulova on location at ReMode Conference in Los Angeles.

In this episode:

  • Sustainability in presentation
  • Allowing the creative side of brands to interact with consumers
  • Making more of what consumers like and less what they already doing
  • Work with product development and go to market teams
  • Focus on apparel, footwear, accessories and home
  • A plug-in development process to de-risk decisions they make
  • Ability to test products instantly
  • Todays consumer wants to co-create with brands, actively interact with brands
  • The goal of being fun, fast and mobile driven
  • A quicker product development process
  • The role of big data
  • Building predictive analytics with data and feedback
  • The value of conferences
  • Client acquisition strategies, and the value of word of mouth and organic relationship building
  • Being creative

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