Vibhu Norby of b8ta – Opening Pathways to Discovery and Purchase

Retail as a service—It’s a thoughtful and forward thinking model created by b8ta, building stores that let people experience products the way their makers intended, serving to open pathways to discovery and purchase, and changing landscape for the better…

Vibhu Norby, Founder/CEO of b8ta (a platform and  store designed for discovering, trying, & buying the latest tech products). joins Rob Sanchez on location in Palm Spring, CA at eTail West.

In this episode:

  • Seeing retail as an engagement and marketing engine, not as a supply chain mechanism
  • Retail as a service
  • A lot of ownership over experience in stores
  • The intersection of physical and digital sides
  • Quality of survey data
  • What products work for b8ta’s offering, largely electronic products of some type
  • Design differences to other platform such as Amazon Four Star
  • Products are not “verticalized”
  • Why the product is the hero
  • Overhead cameras important in b8ta’s stores
  • The “war for space”
  • Experience retail is the future
  • How multi-brand retailers should stay away from being logistics companies
  • Same-day is inevitable

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