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“From interviews with experts and fashion technology pioneers to the highs and lows of innovation, these podcasts share insight into the business side of the industry”

“Listen if: You’re obsessed with new technology and ran around London looking for a Google Cardboard back in September… this podcast turns its attention to the ever-changing relationship between technology, fashion and business.”

“FASHION IS YOUR BUSINESS: Hosted by a business strategist, a fashion technologist and a comedian, Fashion Is Your Business takes recent news events as a starting point for discussions on everything from wearable technology to trademarking. With interviews from senior retail insiders, it provides a chatty but insightful slice of fashion retail knowledge.”

“Fashion Is Your Business is a smoking hot new podcast at the intersection of fashion, technology and business…It’s a fun listen!”

“Listening to “The Shoe Must Go On” episode (#039) of the Fashion Is Your Business podcast, it was satisfying to hear Dawn Dickson, CEO of Flat Out Of Heels, express her frustration explaining to VCs about why her business is important. Essentially, she believes that many investors are looking for ‘billion dollar apps’ instead of investing in businesses that are solving problems that a lot of people have.”

“A night in the Flatiron district brought together dreamers and doers for a chance to network and learn about the journey to success. Guests were greeted on the sixth floor of Q Labs, a shared co-working space, as chandeliers lit up the room. It was the ‘Fashion Is Your Business‘ live podcast featuring Uri and Rebecca Minkoff.”

“I’m highly addicted to Fashion Is Your Business. As a designer and a growing entrepreneur, you have to know which companies and brands are making a difference in the industry as well as how these particular start-ups can help your business grow.

From interviewing Nineteenth Amendment and Maker’s Row, Fashion Is Your Business also focuses on the merge between fashion and technology. If you’re a driven and innovated person, it’s the type of conversation your ears have been waiting to listen. Their discussions are informative, entering the mindset of an entrepreneur as well as giving the audience a taste of what type of businesses are emerging in the fashion world. Plus, their ‘lighting rounds’ which consists of on-the-spot questions for their guests definitely make the conversation more fun and ease-going.”

“Another informative podcast that covers every aspect when it comes to fashion and the trends of retail is Fashion is Your Business. This podcast is the newest add to my podcast list so I’m still warming up to it, but I was very pleased with the last four episodes. This podcast is really for the fashion nerd who’s very interested in the behind-the-scenes of retail psychology, brand strategy and the development of trends. So even though some episodes are a little more technical than I care for, there is tremendous value in this podcast. And, I enjoy the chemistry between the hosts and the questions they each contribute on the show.”

“Fashion is your business is a podcast produced by the influential business development firm Open Source Fashion. As the firm itself aims to support fashion tech companies in terms of strategy and communication, the podcast focuses on these issues, too. The hosts Rob Sanchez, Pavan Bahl and Marc Raco not only discuss current trends and recent news, but also interview entrepreneurs and industry notables to get a variety of standpoints on all things fashion tech. Additionally, business leaders can announce new start ups and other milestones on the podcast.”

“It’s no shock this is my number one…This dynamic duo turned trio with the fabulous Marc at the mic is funny, insightful and has some pretty inspiring guests, often female, dishing on the newest developments in fashion and technology. More tech focused than the rest of my list, I honestly learn something every time I listen and often go back to repeat episodes and soak in the nuances.”

“Plain and simple, Fashion Is Your business is the world’s leading fashion and tech podcast. The hosts bring together fashion, technology and business experts like Intel, google, and lululemon for robust conversation.”

“If you’re a fashion retail entrepreneur or just curious about the fashion industry, this podcast would be the best information source for you to thrive.”

“What’s your favorite app (or other tool!) for helping you do life?
I love listening to podcasts! Here are some of my favorite:
1. #GirlBoss- Sophia Amoruso, the founder of NastyGal interviews different female business owners.
2. Fashion is your business- The latest news about fashion and technology”

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