Chris Hansen

266 – Chris Hansen of IgnitionOne – Personalization, Marketing, and Data

Chief product officer of a digital marketing company on personalization in marketing…

Chris HansenChris Hansen, Chief Product Officer for IgnitionOne (an award-winning Customer Intelligence Platform enabling marketers to understand, value and engage with their customers in real-time) , joins Pavan Bahl and Marc Raco on location at the IgnitionOne Summit in New York.

In this episode:

  • Personalization in marketing
  • Marketing is a one-sided conversation in most circumstances
  • Testimonial podcast and radio – personalization, as if the user of products
  • Understanding a marketing customer’s data
  • Chief Product Officer and knowing when something needs to be built
    Chris Hansen
  • How things end up in a roadmap
  • Combination of service and creative and tech enablement, to productize
  • Using first-party data vs. third-party data
  • GDPR
  • Moving to a marketing technology company – the way you approach the market can have a dramatic impact on the success of breaking through the politics of CMO decisions
  • Tracking can throw off whole picture (i.e. awareness, brand recognition)
  • Having focused on the true customer journey, moving down the funnel into conversion
  • Retention and loyalty are a thing to really pay attention to, take data and use it in a personalized fashion
  • 350 employees across 15 offices, keeping the story straight across the company
  • Making sure data and marketing understanding each other
  • Compromising as Head of Product – thinking something is a good idea vs. what market needs and wants
  • Loving the comfort of Tokyo, and a love of Brussels, and a world-view-changing moment
  • And greetings from the other (famous) Chris Hansen (Hanson)

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