213 – Paul Greenberg of The NORA Network – The Godfather of Online Retail

Paul Greenberg

The most influential body in Australian retail, connecting retailers, service providers, markets and customers to accelerate learning and business growth…

Paul GreenbergPaul Greenberg, Founder of The NORA Network (an influential business network providing a fresh outlook and a balanced, optimistic view of New Retail in Australia), and member of The Forum of International Retail Association Executives, joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco, and Ilan Tito at Shoptalk Europe in Copenhagen, Denmark. Powered by Sennheiser.

A network that connects, brand not channel, and vintage guitars

Paul GreenbergGreenberg describes NORA Network as the network that connects new retail and technology, how customers shop by brand and not by channel, and the changes to the voice of new retail. He mentions founding DealsDirect, Australia’s first online department store, and how he used to sell vintage guitars on eBay. Business network NORA’s size and impact, building to 7,500 members over 4.5 years, and Greenberg’s nickname as the grandfather of online retails.

Solid market and great springboard into Asia, helping innovations, and digital safaris

Paul GreenbergThe retail environment in Australia, as a solid market and great springboard into Asia, and a middle stop between established markets and the massive Asian market. How NORA Network is helping innovations like SalesForce to come into Australia, and the twice monthly, short form, high impact events that work very well to bring enablers and participants around the table for candid conversations, and “digital safaris”, webinars. The state of the venture side of things in Australia, Afterpay, the sweet spot between digital and physical (“phygital”), and a corporate retail tech accelerator program called Slingshot.

Slingshot, going global, and that distance

Paul GreenbergAccelerator models, Slingshot’s unique model including a small group of corporates with big dollars, tech innovators to solve problems and fight for the money, with equity interests in companies, and several examples of successes. How NORA supports and encouraging young entrepreneurs to go global, how the distance might stifle growth for companies, and how it has changed.

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212 – Marzia Giuditta Anelli of H-Farm – Guided by Ambition


Moving young people and new born companies to move into a digital way of thinking…

H FARMMarzia Giuditta Anelli, Accelerator & Open Innovation Project Manager for ‎H-FARM in Venice (an innovation platform that supports the creation of new business models and the digital transformation and education of young people and Italian), joins Pavan Bahl and Marc Raco at Shoptalk Europe in Copenhagen. Powered by Sennheiser.

Creating impact, startups, and education

H FARMGiuditta Anelli discusses how H-FARM is aiming to create impact by creating a tech hub, with a focus on startups, corporate digital transformation, and education in pre-k to high school, then Bachelor and Master studies.

Innovation, accelerators, and ambition

Looking at the open innovation part of H-FARM, looking for innovation outside the gates and inside. Why they are working more and more with industry accelerators and corporate accelerators, hoping to someday invest in students’ companies, Depop as a success story, relying on network for recruiting and for students building a brand, inviting families on campus and they fall in love. Thinking about the future, how ambition is guiding them, and creating more and more impact on the territory.

Discovery, speaking up, and participating in public life

H FARMOff the Grid Questions cover the first thing Giuditta Anelli remembered learning, and her first discovery, learning in the early years and how to speak up and say something, and believing in participation in public life.

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211 – Sayam Kochar of Techpacker – Develop, Track, Communicate

Sayam Kocher

Managing data and communication with techpacks for design and production in fashion…

Sayam KocherSayam Kochar, CMO and Co-Founder of Techpacker (a simple and fast tool for fashion designers to develop faster, track all styles, work together with factories and convert everything to a tech pack) joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, and Marc Raco on location at Sourcing by Coterie. Powered by Sennheiser.

Serving a need, growing from an open system, and a “bible of design”

Sayam KocherKochar discusses Techpacker’s web platform tool to create quality tech packs and synchronize with lightweight PLM infrastructures to manage entire data for production line, development and team. How the team, including his brother, came from fashion backgrounds, and how nothing else was out there to serve the needs. How Techpacker can provide in more “lightway” manner those services in a seamless way, how it is easy to upgrade, boasting about 14,000 users who have tried system to date including the initial open system. Kochar describes the significant R & D since then, and efforts to make communication easier, how they figured out what was causing time delays in production and design cycles, how a tech pack is a bible of design, and a “card” is individual element of style, with each card able to have the entire communication.

Integration, transparency, and Due Dates

Sayam KocherHow Techpacker’s platform has room to plug in third party software and apps, with a mission to provide good a tech pack making tool. Product development is an ongoing cycle, the goal to integrate with other apps and connect with anything, integration of APIs into other platforms, and how Techpacker is looking to integrate with Shopify for an added level of transparency into supply chains. Integrating into process flow, how tech packs can be read by a manufacturer, and how the format must be factory approved. A new feature called Due Dates that alerts a team by both email and in the Techpacker system for due dates for certain components.

A shared library, schools and marketing, and Bollywood movies

Sayam KocherHow the factory is providing the data a designer would normally have to input manually, via cards and shared library, allowing you also to answer a question on what a factory is good at. How Techpacker is monetizing and is a SaaS model with three tiers, from creation to scaling up a business. Integrating schools into the process, with a focus on value content and sharing, and thinking about connected devices and circuitry in fabric as an opportunity. A round of personal questions cover maintaining communication while traveling and staying connected in a meaningful way, embracing local languages, and Bollywood movies.

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