On-Air Challenge With MouthMedia Network

MouthMedia Network helps Fashion + Technology companies grow and scale. Our team records on-air consultations with select founders of innovative companies to be released on the successful Fashion Is Your Business Podcast.

Hear a sample here with “Your Style Unzipped”

Hear a sample here with “Lily”

We are currently accepting nominations for this unique opportunity. Think of this as a way to gain expert industry insights and direction, while gaining exposure to an industry-facing audience comprised of media, investors, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts.

Important information: The On-Air Challenge is primarily recorded in-person in New York City, and requires a fee of $2,500 payable at least three days prior to the date of recording.

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For a $2,500 participation fee your company can:

  • Tap into an audience of entrepreneurs, fashion industry thought leaders, technology investors
  • Experience real-time consulting support and strategy guidance from industry experts
  • Own a key piece of media that showcases the strengths and possibilities of your company
  • Create a long-lasting piece of content to use toward public relations and customer acquisition goals
  • Reverberate the published “On-Air Challenge” interview with a series of 6 advertising spots on subsequent episodes of “Fashion Is Your Business” to reinforce your brand message


A here’s what a company founder had to say about her experience :

“Going into the On-Air Challenge, I didn’t totally understand the value of the experience for me, the Startup Founder. At first glance, it reads like just another speaking engagement that ends with the perfect promotional tool: An untimed discussion about my favorite topic – My company. However, the experience far exceeded this expectation. As a founder, I thought I knew, understood and could explain every nook and cranny of my company. During the course of the expertly guided conversation, The Open Source team was able to unearth and expose areas of development we hadn’t covered, as well as areas of value we hadn’t considered relevant. I urge every Founder, regardless of your stage, to go through this exercise. Whether you need practice answering spontaneous questions, want an unbiased point of view, or hope to walk away with potential partners, its value far exceeds the investment.” – Susan Bruch, Founder of Your Style Unzipped


What is Fashion Is Your Business?

With more than 20,000 weekly downloads, the Fashion Is Your Business podcast is the #1 ranking podcast covering the intersection of fashion and technology.











How Can This help My Business?

Your episode on Fashion Is Your Business will be a huge asset for your brand as a media, branding and acquisition tool. Our audience of executives , entrepreneurs, investors, reporters will be able to gauge interest in your brand. This is an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your thinking about the future of your business to an engaged audience.

Who are the strategy team?

The lineup will be custom-selected, to fit your business and goals, from our team:

Pavan Bahl – Thought Leader and Community Builder

Rob Sanchez – Business Strategist, Venture Law Professor and 2016 Fashion Fellow

Marc Raco – Award-Winning Storyteller and Creative Pro

Ilan Tito – Expert in Merchandising, Customer Experience and Online Distribution

Guest experts – on occasion we’ll invite other useful experts to join the discussion

How Do I Confirm My Spot for Fashion Is Your Business Consulting?

Companies interested in FIYB Consulting must complete our easy application process (see form below). We work only with selected companies that we truly feel have a successful roadmap ahead of them and whom our audience would find value in listening to. If approved, our team will contact you and your company directly to schedule when the recording can take place.

When Will The Podcast Episode Air?

All episodes will air approximately one week after the initial recording takes place.

Does my episode have to be broadcasted on Fashion Is Your Business?

While many companies find the most value in sharing the recording with our audience, your company has full discretion over whether your recording is aired on Fashion Is Your Business. We will gladly share the recorded audio file with your company without including the episode in our podcast distribution.

How Will The Podcast Episode be distributed?

All released episodes are shared on our websites, os-fashion.com and fashionisyourbusiness.com. Fashion Is Your Business is available for listening on Itunes, Stitcher and Google Play. We also share episodes on all of our social media platforms including Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. If your company is active on social, we suggest sharing a link about the episode on your channels.

How do make sure Confidential information isn’t released during my recording process?

All episodes of FIYB are post-produced after our in-studio recordings. If any information said during your recording needs to be removed, we will edit it out during post production.

How Can I Use This for My Business?

Your company has the right to share and distribute the episode. You have the ability to share and promote the episode in whole and in part. Lastly, your episode can be embedded on any of your online assets. You will receive the full audio file once it has been post produced.

To apply, please fill out the form at this link:

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