206 – Stacy Flynn of EVRNU – Shapeshifting Materials with Three Beakers and a Dream

Transforming textile waste into pristine new fiber at a molecular level…

Stacy Flynn, CEO/Co-founder of EVRNU (fiber technology transforms textile waste into pristine new fiber. Evrnu has invented the only regenerative fiber made from post-consumer textile waste) joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, and Marc Raco at the 2017 WEAR Conference in San Francisco. Powered by Sennheiser. (Flynn’s profile)

A wake up call, impacting the system’s lynch pin, and a prototype

Flynn shares how working in a cloud of pollution gave her a wake up call, realizing a generation of kids who don’t see blue sky, realizing she was linked to the cause of the problem, and how 90% of all clothing is made from clothing or polyester, and we throw away 14 million tons of clothing waste a year in the US alone. She discusses the goal of taking waste and turning it into high quality fiber, impacting the lynch pin of the system, and how the surprising result turned out versatile and beautiful The vision of intervention with minimal disruption, how the first prototype took a t-shirt from solid to liquid to a solid, and the journey of how Target signed on as an early adopter.

The holy grail of transformation, early adopters, and micro-manufacturing models

Separating cotton and polyester on a molecunetorking lar level, how the holy grail is taking a blended garment, liquefying it, separating it then using the individual components, and new processes vs. repurposing existing processes. How the process is actually shapeshifting material, realigning molecules, and the process of pushing through spinnerette determines the final qualities. Samples, licensing, early adopters Levis, Target and seven more not public, and how marketing campaigns need proof now. The difficult truth that a colored t-shirt requires 700 gallons of water to make, helping brands with sell-through rates and sustainability, and why the ability to network helps now, looking at micro-manufacturing models, with small manufacturers linked together to become power manufacturing chains as a localized, globalized model.

Reciprocity, the human spirit, and the Redwoods

Finding ways to build business, saving the environment while honoring designs. The three part adopter program, and how reciprocity creates human solidarity. There is no algorithm on the power of the human spirit to solve a really big problem. And Off the Grid Questions covers the Redwoods, a heavy moment, and accidental eyebrow shaving.

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205 – Ben Cooper of IoClothes – A New Era of Fashion Tech

Bridging the gap between technology and the footwear, apparel & textile industries…

Ben Cooper, Founder/Managing Director of IoClothes (helping companies deliver breakthrough innovation) discusses Wear Conference, wearable technology, and the spurring the intersection of fashion and technology. Recorded at the 2017 Wear Conference in San Francisco, CA. Powered by Sennheiser.

Footwear in the army, bridging a gap, and the holy grail of data

Cooper talks about his past as an athlete, physics, biomechanics, improving human performance, led footwear program for the US Army, exited from a tech company, led research and testing for VF Global Innovation Center, explored wearables, what’s lagging in the wearable space, bridging the gap between fashion apparel footwear industry and tech industry and ushering in a new era. Pursuing a model that opens up a platform, and having the same ability to impact companies regardless of size recognition. The holy grail of data, why data should be about adding more value, and the need more attempts for more data.

Igniting creativity, facilitating the future, and bringing people together

Io Clothes launching a beta, hoping to find value in interactions, a massive tech transfer department vs. handshake deals, and being meant to ignite creativity and collaboration. Being passionate about what can come on the other side, and how Io Clothes is a clearing house for consultants. Cooper doing the best he can to facilitate the future he wants to see. Bringing all these people together, like 99 Designs or Fiverr for the creative side. How answers are out there and one just needs to bring it together.

Fishing, reflecting, and crushing goals

Personal questions cover retreating with fishing, why second place mattered, the gift of a sleeping bag, taking time to reflect, and the clock doesn’t lie, reinventing and crushing goals.

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204 – Rohan Deuskar of Stylitics – The Styling Army’s Gone, The Quality Remains

How showing consumers how to style outfits with visual inspiration and merchandising with Stylitics can lead to higher purchases…

Rohan Deuskar, CEO and Co-Founder of Stylitics, one of the original fashion technology companies which scales visual inspiration and merchandising for brands discusses how the fashion industry has been changing the way it engages consumers in the recent 6-8 years. He discusses the way Stylitics can change how retailers have a conversation with the customer, tech can bundle visual merchandise across categories although his company focused in fashion due to expertise. Deuskar (profile) joins hosts Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez and Marc Raco on location at the National Association of Broadcasters Conference. Powered by Sennheiser.

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203 – Dr. Patrick Kramer of Digiwell – Human Cyborg Relations

Implant technology…

Dr. Patrick Kramer, Chief Cyborg Officer of Digiwell (offering transformation – whether by individuals or by organizations – digitally and biologically for the improvement of mental and physical performance, including implant technology) and Human Augmentation & Transformation Specialist, KeyNote-Speaker, CEO & Founder (profile), joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco, and Rob Sanchez on location at WEAR Conference 2017. Powered by Sennheiser.

Typical uses, security concerns, and generating passwords in the body

Kramer discusses how medical devices are usually for people with a loss or accident, how the Digiwell implants are powered by near-field communication tech, and they have partnered with a company producing them. Using implants as a key, considerations of security of biometric, the security benefits of this, access control, and the process of generating passwords inside your body.

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