106 – Leah Malone of Foursquare – Not Just Your Momma’s Check-In App Anymore

Mobile search and discovery…

Leah Malone 2Leah Malone, Regional Director of Brand Partnerships for Foursquare (a local search and discovery service mobile app), joins Pavan Bahl and guest host Charles Beckwith (host of American Fashion Podcast), on location at the 2016 SHOPTALK retail and ecommerce event in Las Vegas.

Offline vs. online, location, and synergy

Leah Malone 4Malone discusses synergistic opportunities with, and exploration on, omnichannel and ecommerce, how 92.5% of commerce still happens offline, how data collected by ecommerce sites is not always the best indication of who you are, why data on where your phone has gone is superior, the value of understanding the places you go and then reaching them when back online, and how location can be a utility.

Mayors, predictive data, and insights

Leah Malone 3How advertisers buying media can add location info and insights, understanding how to fill gaps and overcome competitors, and geo-location insights for enterprise data or emerging retailers. Becoming a location Mayor with Foursquare, the collaboration with Swarm, understanding who you are and where you’ve gone, whether Foursquare is competing in predictive data space, and the way they can help brands understand actions and a data gap by marrying Foursquare data with their data.

The Trifecta of Vegas

Off the Grid Questions cover the Trifecta of Vegas, oxygen bars, and how adversity can legitimize New York residency.


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