109 – Andrew Rosen of Theory – A Seam in the Market

Fashion mogul Andrew Rosen of Theory …

Andrew Rosen [link], co-founder and CEO of Theory [link], joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco and Liz Bacelar on location at the Fashion, Culture and Design UNCONFERENCE in New York City.

Evolving, resonating, and killing the mystery

Rosen talks about the 1997 genesis of Theory, working with great talents and minds, the disruption of Fashion Week, how the world and industry are changing, that every part of the fashion industry must evolve and change, and reinventing the business platform. He touches on methodology, what it takes to resonate, the way one must look at reaching consumer, ways the industry is more complex and global, rethinking the prior approach, and how some worry about killing the mystery.

Authenticity, inspiration and innovation

Andrew Rosen 2

How companies must have authentic voices and inspire consumers, moving fast, how good clothes can overcome everything, the innovation of designing and manufacturing, what it takes to succeed and what successful companies do well.

The future, collaboration, and that one name

What excites and inspires Rosen the most, learning new ways of doing business and innovations, how he sees an abundance of opportunity, changing the paradigm, why collaboration is important, advice for those who want to break into the industry, finding a seam in the market, and the opportunity to differentiate. Plus, the one name he was willing to mention. And bagels.

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