111 – Samrat Vasisht of MindMeld – The Needs of the Many

Artificial intelligence …

Samrat Vasisht of MindMeld

Samrat Vasisht [link], CMO of MindMeld [link] (an advanced artificial intelligence platform allowing brands to build intelligent conversational interfaces to engage consumers with natural language) joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, and guest host Brian Laney (VP of Sales) of Alert Tech (a powerful tool for retailers to understand the performance of their retail stores and make better business decisions), on location at the 2016 SHOPTALK retail and ecommerce event in Las Vegas.

Star Trek, meanings and data

Vasisht offers Star Trek references in name and purpose, the complexities of capturing the stating of intention, navigating the way people talk on concepts and vernacular, different word meanings, how MindMeld is different based on a very advanced machine learning, why we can’t set programming rules like in the past, and the effort to teach machines to learn and keep learning. Every interaction makes machines smarter, the world of data science, the difficulty of a clean set of data and building robust language models and training set, and why MindMeld must train systems in as little as a few days.

Humanity and emotion in AI

The question if whether one can replace the human element, how AI can be liberating for companies, the stigma remaining from poorly conceived AI platforms, sample conversation and dialogue management, visual search data and variable sets, preventing outside interference, the need to build a threshold which then requires human involvement, listening to human emotion, creating a seamless transition from AI to human, and efforts to combine touch, text and speech.

Ingesting natural language inputs, analyzing sentiment and message nuances, and how the ability to evaluate mood, age, gender and social economic status can be applied. The question of whether AI can be used for the sentiment/emotionally impaired, and the goal of fully capturing and processing body language, facial expressions and emotional recognition.

Shoptalk, the future of retail, and aviator headphones

MindMeld’s central focus at Shoptalk, how tech is pervading retail in big way, why no future exists without AI as an important part of the future overall experience in-store or online, and how AI is at a tipping point of drastic change. Plus, what makes MindMeld unique? Off the Grid Questions covers early speech, the Real Media Player, aviator headphones, and Captain Picard.


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