133 – Davide Vigano of Sensoria – Socks, Shirts and Science

Textile sensing technology …

Davide Vigano 2 Davide Vigano (bio) CEO and Co-Founder of Sensoria (artificial intelligence sportswear and training apparel powered by a real-time personal trainer) joins Marc Raco and Rob Sanchez at The 2016 Smithers Apex WEAR Conference in Boston, MA.

Points of data, mapping the body, and preventing health issues

Davide Vigano 1Vigano discusses Sensoria’s status with sensor technology, how putting sensors across a body collects a wealth of information, where finding reliable points of data and thinking about mapping the body has value and the human body has more real estate than the wrist, consideration of products in the medical device category vs. quality of data and fitting inside US laws, partnering with cardiologists and designers, and working to help people prevent health issues.

Data accuracy, washability, and supply chain

Addressing potential for liability for failures, misreading, or reporting false symptoms, consumer tool, using a crowd-funding campaign to utilize the data of an app, plus a study and partnership between Sensoria and a university. Considering the nightmare of laundering, Sensoria’s smart sock, and striving to improve washability and number of wash cycles. The ability to collect data from more ample sites not available on wrist level, i.e. foot landing technique, cadence, impact forces etc.. Solving battery issues, Vigano’s partner level executive work at Microsoft, and R & D challenges. Sensor, microelectronics and software layers, possible military applications, a West Point study, and looking at smarter and cost effective way to produce garments without increasing costs, and creating a related supply chain.

Harvesting energy, piloting, and a hub of knowledge

Looking at ways to augment battery life with dynamic energy harvesting, solar cell scenarios, and foot action. Off the Grid Questions reveal piloting, geography, and Italy. Plus, a final thought on trying to create a hub of knowledge and actionable information.

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