139 – Sarah McVittie of Dressipi – Personal Edit

Dressipi’s personalized fashion solutions…

Sarah McVittie of DressipiSarah McVittie (bio), Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Dressipi (link) (a leading B2B provider of one-to-one personalization solutions for the fashion industry), joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco and Rob Sanchez.

McVittie reviews the genesis of the business and name, how Dressipi’s solution increases revenue and reduces return rates, and creating a style edit. Snack Time is honored, acting as a stylist and creating data points, and the expert system the stylists bring.

Sarah McVittie 2How the combination of technical team and stylists is very important, the research and strategy for proper fit, size and stock availability, what you see in you size in profile, getting beyond 5% of purchase behavior, overcoming the average customer keeping 1 or 2 pieces, the difficulty in getting insights from little behavior, and when technology forces retailers to collaborate. And, the honor of closing the NY Stock Exchange.

Off the Grid Questions cover language, huge AmericanSarah McVittie 3 breakfasts, a tiny little steak, a motorbike, and fishscale coins. Plus a New York final thought.


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