141 – Erika Miller of ELM Consulting – Search Party

SEO and digital content with Erika Miller …

Erika Miller (bio), SEO Expert and Digital Content Strategist with ELM Consulting  (results-driven SEO training company serving the digital publishing and E-commerce space) and Adobe, joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco and Rob Sanchez.

Erika Miller 2Doing one thing well, guiding decisions, and effective tagging

Miller discusses how technology in fashion needs more strategy for best SEO practices, her background working with Refinery 29 and Adobe, and how businesses want to do everything all at once. The priority of doing one thing well and cornering a market, success in a niche in search, and becoming an authority on a topic. Mining data to guide decision-making and what kind of content you’re creating, whether using unrelated tags to get hits is a good idea, how bounce rate affects Google search rankings, the intelligence of Google, and the importance of industry community for information.

First steps, the loyalty loop, and new content strategies

Erika Miller 3Why Miller’s first steps are more deductive analysis than inductive, a lot of big data for topical trends and patterns in data, core business keywords and pain points, guiding clients to become experts, looking at competition, the impact of repurposing video as content, and attention span vs. intention span. A look at SEO for podcasting and other media, focusing on achieving many touch-points in a funnel, strategizing to bring people back vs. guiding them on a journey, the conversion story and need for a loyalty loop, strategies around ad retargeting, and getting most out of content as an experience. Considerations and resources for startups and new content strategies, Erika Miller 2using data to guide strategy directionally, how much data you need, how to organize information, a focus on sociology, and what people are looking for.

Spirituality, Mother Earth, and a big thank you

Off the Grid questions cover fresh air, spirituality in business, a hundred resumes, a gold path in NYC, a daily dime, trans commonality, and Mother Earth. Plus, a huge thank you.


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