164 – Joe Rubin of FundingPost and ARC Angel Fund – Front Row Seat to the Future

Investing in early-stage entrepreneurs…

Joe Rubin (bio), Founding Partner of ARC Angel Fund and Director & Co-Founder of FundingPost.com, joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, and Marc Raco on location at the 2016 Fashinvest Fashion Tech investment Conference in New York City.

A glimpse into the future, how meeting people matters, and positive results

Rubin reveals what interests him the most, the interest in the FashInvest event and fashion tech startups, a focus on meeting people, the ability to see the future of what people will be doing a year or two from now, how he started in investing and making his way up from nothing, and the value of having positive results shared with investors.


Events with energy, a unique model, and Rubin’s other venture

How Rubin and colleagues are making sure their events have same energy across US, what stands out about companies being brought through the process, the unique model, path and terms to involvement, Rubin’s own companies for which he’s an investor RxBra (a post-operative medical bra) and the crowded job search platform for tech jobs.

The very first venture, VC’s on Skis, and pizza

Off the Grid Questions brings sports recruiting, snowboarding, VC’s on Skis, and the importance of Staten Island pizza.


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