194 – Michelle Bacharach of FindMine – Looking Complete

Automated complete-the-look with FindMine…

Michelle Bacharach, CEO of FindMine (an automated complete-the-look that creates outfits out of every product in the catalogue) joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, and Marc Raco at the MouthMedia Network Studios.

An automated process, tracking performance, and A/B testing

Bacharach discusses the concept of if a retailer showed consumers how to wear their apparel then sales could go up. And automated process of creating complete outfits from the catalogue, while maintaining the authenticity of brand. Tracking performance of each outfit, time savings translates to more purchases, how repeat purchase rates are affected, impacting sales overall, and continuous A/B testing. Engaging both sides of the brain, and improving user experience.

NYFTL, being present, and artificial intelligence

FindMine’s participation in the New York Fashion Tech Lab, how it is not just a fashion community, being matched with three companies including Vera Bradley, J.Crew and MatchesFashion, the importance of being present and the human presence, the reaction by merchants to the artificial intelligence, founders helping other founders, getting noticed, and adding to a growing team of more than 25.

Tina Fey, horses, and acting from a hat

Off the Grid Questions covers Tina Fey and comedy, Christopher Walken, a decision creates a life with horses and a real job, being wise beyond your years, drawing a garbage man from a hat leads to a lead role, and being passionate.

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