260 – Kerry Fitzgibbons of Duggal – Visual Innovation

Visual innovation and the impact of visual design for brands with the “biggest mom and pop shop there is”…

DuggalKerry Fitzgibbons,  Digital Media Producer for Duggal (an award winning global supplier of exceptional Printed Visuals, Custom Displays and Multimedia Solutions), joins Marc Raco, Pavan Bahl, and guest host Leslie Leifer (Vice President, Enterprise Strategy and Business for 1-800-FLOWERS, Inc.) on location at the Remodista Community Day. More on Remodista at www.remodista.com.

In this episode:

  • How Fitzgibbons thinks of design as it has changed over time
  • Design used to be innocent—pretty pictures and displays, magic how it showed up, now know how to make that magic, and sensitivity between brands aesthetically and working relationship and logisticsDuggal
  • Every day there is always a Duggal van in NYC, having a great reputation
  • Not just a print house
  • “The biggest mom and pop shop there is…”
  • Now into dynamic digital displays as well as extraordinary prints, own 5+ buildings and a massive event space, and an an office and production house in Portland, OR to fulfill needs of brands on West Coast
  • The walls of the office in NYC — a very loud production space next to the office, Duggal came up with fabric that dulls sound
  • Ceiling at Duggal office is fabric but looks like it is wood
  • Recording this podcast in a Duggal creation
  • Remodista Community Day
  • Amazing brand designs i.e. Shiseido
  • Is this multimedia art worthy of art gallery installations?
  • Bringing a little more of a twinkle to static images
  • by adding programmable LED lights
  • Case study examples
  • Is Duggal an artist using tech or tech company with artistry?
  • Visual storytelling, visual solutions
  • Learning to be stepping back and looking at something

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