003 – Great Scott! with Scott Lux


Capturing customers and staying relevant…

While munching on gluten free chocolate coveted pretzels and extraordinary Levain Bakery cookies, Rob Sanchez, Pavan Bahl and Marc Raco hold court  with guest Scott Lux (former VP of Commerce and Omni Channel for Diesel USA, and currently CMO and Head of ECommerce for Charitybuzz) about the digital side of fashion merchandising, being early on Twitter, the debated death of retail, a discussion on the possible disconnect and loss of relevance of Sears (except possibly in Canada?), concept stores, how the movie business relates to retail trends, digital customer relationship management, customizing shopping experiences, how brick and mortar fashion locations can recapture customers, Jeggings vs Jog Jeans, pretzel twisting, favorite desert island beers and the taco truck vs Taco Bell question is raised again.

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