006 – Sandy Hussain of Fashion Digital – “The Pretty Ones Are Winning” (part one)

Sandy Hussain

Pt 1 Building community in the fashion tech world…

When Rob Sanchez, Pavan Bahl and Marc Raco welcome guest Sandy Hussain, founding principal for Fashion Digital™ & FD Mobile™ NY, LA, London, the team “buys” Twitter—or at least “Twytter Jr.”  — with Zimbabwean currency, Sandy feeds the animals with a snack of castle cookies, cheese and crackers, and chocolate amaretto flavored almonds and Pirate’s Booty, Pavan offers a “rando” story about the creator of Pirate’s Booty and a tire change,  the mistake of only helping people with promise of future gain, a discussion of Ringly and their line of “connected rings”, aesthetics vs. function wearable tech, the potential for integration of beacon technology, being alerted for when someone is near you, or social networking, why we don’t shop at Zara, Pavan has a photo of Sandy’s passport, NYC ID card discounts, thinking outside the box, and how design trumps all is exemplified by Lumio’s high performing book-like LED lamps. We cover Paula Schneider’s reframing the American Apparel and the over-sexualization of young women, Sandy’s inside scoop gossip on the bizarre environment of the bedroom office of the Dove brings discussion of the role of CEOs to live the brand image, Sandy’s embarrassing epiphany about presenting with a conscious public image, personal life versus professional message of a brand, and using fashion as a strategic branding tool. Sandy shares the origins of Fashion Digital rooted in the need to connect various communities of the fashion world and how the sampling of data via 150 detailed phone survey interviews turned into a low risk, inexpensive guerilla marketing strategy. Plus the discovery that advertising and marketing starts when you start doing what you conceive and beginning outreach that makes your audience part of the process.

Other Notes:

  • FD Mobile is by invitation only, please contact Sandy Hussain at sandy@fashiondigital.com to request an invitation or learn more.

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3 responses to “006 – Sandy Hussain of Fashion Digital – “The Pretty Ones Are Winning” (part one)”

  1. Great podcast and concept! Keep up the great work!

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