011 – Pranay Srinivasan of Sourceeasy – “Robot Baseball Players and the Business Efficiency Buffet”

Pranay Srinivasan

Sourceasy’s Pranay Srinivasan  on efficiency…

Pranay Srinivasan of Sourceeasy joins in on the conversation. Marc (Monkey Radio) regales a story about the worst NYC subway conductor ever and Pavan (OS Fashion) has intimidated Pranay into feeding the animals with the best snack ever. Rob (Manufacture New York)  is quietly recovering from the Bar. Pranay reveals the origins of his current business and with the news of the reopening of west coast ports reopening. Pranay shares challenges and solutions relevant to flow of goods being at the mercy of ports and weather. Discussion of the role of persistence in entrepreneurial success, and the truth about why businesses live or die, in particular when facing headwinds. Pranay speaks on recognizing a flawed business vs a good business that isn’t working yet, and his experience building a successful business after being at the brink of bankruptcy, along with the need for production to see end users. Reality shows which evidence the power that fashion and clothing labels wield in developing countries and laborers vs. politics. More on access to good quality low cost manufacturing and goods available to virtually anyone, and addressing people who shirk at dealing with international sourcing, dealing with time differences and the challenge of turnaround times, while keeping service local. The way any business should be handled, and taking jobs for granted, blaming human inefficiency, and evaluating using time and money as only metrics. Looking at the industry with a military mind in apparel industry, comparing creative efforts to apparel in how much of the process is sparked. Geographical risk and execution risk, multiple sourcing, offering customer a buffet of sources, and third party vendors built on an existing  network. A lesson for fashion industry on timelines and on being amazing instead of just mediocre.  Pranay’s father’s disastrous experience trusting a vendor  the lesson of  getting customers to trust you. “SwillCall” reveals Pranay’s science fiction, bad joke and satire history, baseball rules, feeling disconnected outside of business life except when frying a turkey, and Americans leaving you alone.  Plus—there is business for everyone!

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