010 – Tito Chowdhury – “You’re F*&#*ing Portland!”


Fashionxt’s Tito Chowdhury on the wide world of fashion…

Rob, Pavan, and Marc are joined by Tito Chowdhury of Fashionxt. Pavan is late—Costco’s apparent elimination of American Express brings discussion of what business impact results from changing payment methods. News of a former hacker’s new music video generating app MVGen leads to discussion of ideas for integrating virtual reality, real time fashion graphics and audience input, the democratization of fashion, creative strong-arming of business, cat videos, and live 3D rendering. Reinventing the fashion runway experience with many perspectives becomes Tito’s worst producing nightmare. Checking phones during experiences, people are too busy projecting their brand to other people instead of having their own experiences, Rob might be the “anti-genius genius”, virtual reality fashion models, and innovating the runway experience by harnessing technology. Pavan eventually arrives with beer, and Marc is the new McGyver with mad bottle opening skills. Tito shares how his desire to shape the world around him, his abilities in event production and an interest in culture led him to work with a highly creative and intimate and complex world of fashion. He reveals why fashion is important to him and society in general and reveals the most prized moment of the process. Tito describes his journey from working in the tech industry to being respected within and referenced by major publications for accomplishments in the fashion world. Marc creates controversy by teasing Pavan about Tito’s biggest focus at the moment and moving on to another topic. The impact of Tito and Fashionxt on the city of Portland, OR and availability of fashion shows on areas outside of NYC and LA to make fashion more accessible to a larger segment of America. Plus we touch on wearables in fashion demonstrations vs runways, and shoving fashion down the throat of middle American, the growing independence of fashionable America influenced by style blogging, fashion television, how NYC would benefit by participating with the rest of the country by growing the fashion pie, and framing independent runway design competition. The ability to become film directors, chefs, porn stars and — fashion— has made all of these things accessible. The Ratatouille Principle—that anyone can cook—has shown they’ve got something to say as well and creates more regional stars because everyone is rooting for grass roots stories. Tito finally reveals what is hottest thing happening now for Fashionxt: the wearable technology component. The importance of Mom, Portland based beers, and the Tito Sandwich!

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