021 – Ian Thiel of Optimizely “Connecting Experiences: The Voice of Optimization”

Technology solving non-technical challenges…

Ian Thiel (Head of Mobile Sales for Optimizely, an optimization platform for websites and mobile apps, sits withIan Thiel Pavan Bahl (OS Fashion), Rob Sanchez (Manufacture New York), and Marc Raco (Monkey Radio) during the FDMobile event March 24, 2015. Thiel starts out by reviewing the need to avoid diluting the effect of discounting prices, measuring how good web and mobile conversion is performing, and the possibilities of the reverse auction as an effective online business practice. Plus: solving non-technical problems with technology.

Thiel states the focus as connecting mobile web, in-store and websites together to enable real ROI based impact. Connecting experiences, knowing who you are across platforms—-the challenge is trying to acquire new users instead of just acting on primary keys. He discusses how critical it is for apps to have creative experiences with useful content, which allow advertising to happen. And, is there a real reason to have presence on native, and provide up front value for customer earn right to sell ads?

Ian Thiel on fashion Is Your BusinessLater, Thiel talks about the 2 Billion new users coming to mobile—whether will they be heavy consumers, the impact of digital literacy level, service charges for cellphone access, and the need for multiple versions of branding on engaging this new audience. He also surprises the hosts with a surprisingly easy access for startups to optimize and do what’s important for all size of brands and companies.

Plus, the importance of talking with consumers and the upper and lower range of your potential clients, whether you should duplicate your brand image on the web, why the public-restroom-finding app “Sit or Squat” could be his favorite, and whether George Costanza is getting royalties.

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