025 – Nico Berardi of AGP Miami – “Miami 2.0”

Is Miami the future?

Nico Berardi of Managing Director of AGP (Accelerated Growth Partners) Miami, an angelNico Berardi investment group providing smart capital to disruptive entrepreneurs, sits with Pavan Bahl (OS Fashion) and Rob Sanchez (Manufacture New YorkRalph and Remington [Episode 22]) at the Open Source Fashion Freestyle Conversions Conference in Miami, Florida. Berardi reveals that there is a better story and ambience in Miami than most people believe, and discusses the significant emergence of incubators and accelerators, co-working spaces, arts and trends such as Wynwood, revitalization and a flooding of the area with artists. He shares the impact to the technology sector made because entrepreneurs like to be in place where status quo is being broken, the influx of supportive entrepreneurial education, community building, and the resulting 50+ tech-starts every month. Berardi relates AGP’s nine investments in last seven months. To the energy in Miami and all that is happening now. Plus why the tendency to suggest the nickname of Silicone Beach is misleading. The efforts to get people to know about Miami for the right reasons instead of current reputation and finding the right branding for the city. Berardi advocates the advantageous tax situation, cost of living cheaper than any other tech hub cities, and access to markets like Latin America as to why he and others are “in kitchen brewing the next Miami”.

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