058 – Anoop Kansupada of Loeb.nyc – Six Years, Thirty-One Interviews

Solving customer problems…

Anoop Kansupada (Entrepreneur In Residence & Venture Associate at Loeb.nyc, a New York City startup lab) joins Pavan BahlAnoop Kansupada of Loeb.nyc on Fashion Is Your Business podcast (OS Fashion), Rob Sanchez (Ralph and Remington [Episode 22]) and Marc Raco (The Hope Is Project and Monkey Radio) on location at the 2015 Global Fashion Tech Battle. Mentor Kansupada talks how business failures gave him the knowledge to help others with startups. A discussion on innovative ways of adding value to customers by looking at what hasn’t been done, how designers and developers are rarely shared and are crucial, and how taking pictures of shoelaces advanced Kansupada’s career.

Kansupada reveals why it took 6 years and 31 interviews it took to get his job, learning to continue to add value to other people, why persistence is essential, the impact of knowing about who the customer is and building a company around their problem, and why everyone should research what not to do wrong. He shares the industry problem he wishes a startup event could solve, talks supply chain and factory and real time syncing, and the relevance of container freights.

A discussion on knowing your customer that they know they have a problem but not that there is a solution, and how polling the general public is a secret to success. Plus, an Off the Grid Question on Kansupada’s has TV favorites and TV Show leads to covering the democratization of ideas via now-accessible distribution centers, and how more outlets equals the discovery of more artists.

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