090 – Marta Jamrozik and Misha Laskin of Claire – Choose Your Own Fashion

Claire A/B fashion testing platform…

Marta Jamrozik and Misha Laskin (Co-Founders of Claire, a game-based A/B testing platform for fashion products and priceMarta Jamrozik and Misha Laskin of Claire points) join Rob Sanchez, Marc Raco and guest host Charles Beckwith for an impressive discussion.

Jamrozik and Laskin share how they met on a dating site, the experience of becoming one of the participants of the New York Fashion Tech Lab, the origin, personification and trademarking possibilities of the company name, navigating dating your business partner, how the idea for the business developed, the value proposition of the partners’ substantial backgrounds, the evolution of gut feelings vs. quantitative decision-making, the value of getting feedback on what a company should be making before they make it, how Claire’s game-based A/B testing is superior to other A/B testing, loyalty points, and preserving consumer interest while A/B testing.

Marta Jamrozik and Misha Laskin of Claire 4A discussion of moving from physics to startups, math skills, creating strategic pricing department at $35 Billion company, vision beyond fashion, and how Claire can be used in other verticals. A delicious and different round of Feed the Animals is followed by an idea for showcasing the impressive experience of Jamrozik and Laskin on their website with a competitive A/B example, while furthering the company storytelling, that hits home. An exploration of cause-and-effect visuals, a detailed explanation of effective A/B testing, consumer experience and maintaining engagement for maximum data, loyalty point system, and giving feedback to brands and being rewarded for it.

How consumer preference will be intimately involved in brand production, providing touch points for customers to decide toMarta Jamrozik and Misha Laskin of Claire 3 purchase, significant amounts of granularity, learning about demographics, how to interact with different kinds of consumers, determining how much data processed and compared, topological data analysis, clusters, why Claire uses games, swiping behavior correlating to purchasing, real world tests, and how desires correspond to financial choices. How Claire attracts game players instead of mere fashion/non-fashion oriented people, building a stronger relationship between a brand and the user’s buying habits, the goal of a data hub of consumer desires, and releasing as a white label product. Moving toward tactile testing, the future of shopping booths with VR avatars that will be able to track movements even better, reverse engineering influencers, clusters of opinions and influence, and trendsetting. The hosts offer a new idea for implementation and trademark considerations of the name and alternate names.

Off the Grid Questions reveals anger management, kindness, an apology, accepting failure, a love of physics and math, desert living, a parallel universe, elegant solutions, visualizing infinity, comparative value, time traveling to Ancient Greece, and teleportation.


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