152 – Veronika Harbick and Michael Carlson of Thursday Finest – Humans at Thursday Finest

Custom apparel with 3D knitting and automation from Thursday Finest…

Thursday Finest 4Veronika Harbick, Co-Founder/CEO (bio), and Michael Carlson (bio), Co-Founder, of Thursday Finest in Brooklyn, NY join Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez, and Marc Raco .

Willy Wonka, Japan, and a new uniform

Harbick and Carlson reveal how the company started out of frustration of difficulty finding custom color conversations or basic, items that always fit in any color wanted Thursday Finest 5whenever they wanted. The discuss the Willy Wonka land of wool and cotton, different machines for office and for travel, events that connect people to product and process, going to Japan to train on machines, and the trend toward getting into seamless and whole garment 3D printing. Some of the challenges and programming considerations of 3D printing, post-production process impact and changes, quality upstream and downstream, and new product category offerings beyond ties such as scarves, socks. and hats that are 3D knit so they stand up well on head, have sustainable aspects to the yarn, and offer four different looks with one hat. How they tested hundreds of yarns, Merino yarn, the origin of name to celebrate self expression and your new uniform.

Creating an experience, prototyping a vision

Thursday Finest 3How Thursday Finest handles the final step of the manufacturing process, trouble with dry fibers some cottons, and why synthetics can be great. Their in-store 3D-knitting experience, retail as distribution, doing their own pop ups, being very transportable, the ability to knit on demand in under an hour, prototyping a vision of big brand stores tying into production process understanding what and why it was made, and the power of knowing that. Going into first holiday season, how their initiative to forego promotion enables support of self expression and fighting racism, sexism, xenophobia. Getting listed on gift registries, the focus on getting in front of customers, the role of pricing in branding storyline, and how great products on-demand is a totally reasonable enterprise,

Vogue, inventory considerations, and being present

Thursday Finest 2Volume thresholds vs. preparing for machine replacement and upgrading machines, why being featured in Vogue early in their company life cycle creates credibility but doesn’t change the business inside, types of growth, dealing with requests for free merchandise, and the agility of the business model. Raw materials just in time vs. holding inventory, and why there is no need to predict inventory needs in the usual way. Off the Grid Questions explores a dynamics of a married working relationship and how it will be integrated into branding, first pets, a slow goldfish tragedy, importance of patience and being present in the moment, and the important effect of sleep, music, food and gratitude.


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