192 – Aubrie Pagano of Bow and Drape – One Pun at a Time

Customizable apparel with Bow and Drape…

Aubrie Pagano, Founder and Creative Director of Bow and Drape (cheeky, irreverent customized fashion and is known for its punny sweatshirts, pet sweatshirts and tees – (bio)) joins Marc Raco and Rob Sanchez on location at the Millennial 20/20 Summit in New York

A personal purchase, making customizable fashion affordable, and celebrating expression

Pagano discusses the company, founded four years ago, how she bootstrapped it then raised capital to grow, with a goal of helping customers be more expressive, being able to express one’s own preferences with customization, and how fashion is one of the most personal purchases you can make yet it didn’t really have customizable nature. How Pagano wanted to do it so customizable fashion could be affordable. The cheeky, irreverent brand, and how it celebrates expression with products from sweat shirts to pet products, shipping in under a week.

A slow-burn launch, a new 360 campaign, and customers vs. content

Why Pagano started the business, how her feeling about the reason changed since the beginning, why it was not a lightning bulb idea but instead a slow burn based in lots of research, why she turned down an amazing job opportunity, and how it is still really fun and she’s still curious how they can create moments for customers. About a new 360 campaign on blog and shoppable, which hits to value proposition of company, “Magic Moments”, telling stories of customers and why they used Bow and Drape to express those moments. The more ideas posted from internal, the more people bought them and used them. The voice was important, how it encourages people to be weird and expressive. Customers vs. content consumers, funny memes, and goofy puns.

Sticking to company ethos, on-demand manufacturing, and why it’s about fun

Pun contests, moving from the company’s own POV to allowing consumers to have their POV. Allowing crowdsourced ideas, being able to look oneself in the mirror, avoiding getting politicized and dragged into specific issues by the consumer, and the change from putting ideas out to a mix of the brand’s ideas and the consumer. Everything is on-demand manufacturing with Bow and Drape, in-store it is customized live on site at brand locations. How the primary goal is to be able to support on-demand manufacturing in margins. Off the Grid Questions cover how the decision was made for fun with company, where that prioritization comes from, commissioned neighbors for art as a child for an art fair, giving others the opportunity to be creative, Pagano’s first fashion company name, dreams of DJ-ing and the Captain of Bikini Bliss, sometimes a “B” is just a “B”, and what takes a lot of courage and to not filter one’s voice.

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