Special Report – Melissa Gonzalez of The Lion’esque Group – Interactive Concept Shops To Bring New Life to Malls

Interactive pop-up concept stores for malls with The Lion’esque Group…

Melissa Gonzalez (bio), CEO/Founder of pop up architects The Lion’esque Group, joins Marc Raco for a Special Report on a new partnership and a new initiative. Recorded at MouthMedia Network Studios in New York.

Gonzalez discusses partnering with GGP, one of the top mall operators in the country, the new brand In Real Life (IRL) which allows digital natives and brands with a limited brick and mortar footprint to have a physical location in a turnkey membership format.

Why brick and mortar and this partnership is important as part of the customer journey, why a physical space remains irreplaceable, and how launching at top premiere locations with a systemized approach can change the public opinion of pop ups. How the model differs in this initiative from a traditional lease, the value of operator support, focusing on complimentary brands, staffing support, and a partnership with Impinj offers important RFID contributions to comprehensively measure ROI. Plus, launching a key to connect the online and offline worlds.

Being mindful of customer experience, no inventory in the concept stores—making them experiential entirely. Less of a learning curve for the customer, working to have customers spend more time in the store to build a relationship which creates a sense of permanency to see the companies as lifestyles to be a part of. And how the partnership with GGP came about (hint: ShopTalk). Plus, creating opportunities for brands to grow, new ways to think of tenancy, and being an architect of a new story for brands.

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