203 – Dr. Patrick Kramer of Digiwell – Human Cyborg Relations

Implant technology…

Dr. Patrick Kramer, Chief Cyborg Officer of Digiwell (offering transformation – whether by individuals or by organizations – digitally and biologically for the improvement of mental and physical performance, including implant technology) and Human Augmentation & Transformation Specialist, KeyNote-Speaker, CEO & Founder (profile), joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco, and Rob Sanchez on location at WEAR Conference 2017. Powered by Sennheiser.

Typical uses, security concerns, and generating passwords in the body

Kramer discusses how medical devices are usually for people with a loss or accident, how the Digiwell implants are powered by near-field communication tech, and they have partnered with a company producing them. Using implants as a key, considerations of security of biometric, the security benefits of this, access control, and the process of generating passwords inside your body.

Reversibility, law enforcement uses, and implications for retail

How technology will be adopted in future, facilitating the changes, why it is important that the implants be reversible to take it out, how tissue is not growing in the chip since it is smooth, potential uses for law enforcement or regulators for implant tracking, quick pays, other physical hardware with this kind of chip, how retailers are starting to implement to make transactions easier.

Challenges, financial transactions, and the future

Plus other challenges of implementing, and why some uses are a few years off. Technological challenges right now for financial transactions, such as antennas being too small, current use cases, and identifying yourself. The future of implantables, and current focuses on neutropics, neurofeedback, neurotechnology, implant technology, bionics, and the possibilities of brain implants to connect us directly into the Internet. Licensing as a piercing, why the next generation on biopolymer side will need more medical training. And how 40-50k people around the world already have implants,

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