225 – Adam Vogel of Memeni – Building Communities, One App at a Time

Enterprise mobile applications that build customer and community relationships while creating value…

MemeniAdam Vogel, CEO of Memeni (Memeni builds enterprise mobile applications which create deeper more meaningful relationships with audience/customers, collect data, deliver value and content that’s appropriate) joins Pavan Bahl, Rob Sanchez and guest host Brian Laney [VP of Sales for Alert Tech [Episode 097]) on location at Valtech’s Innovation Lab during NRF 2018 in New York. Valtech is a global digital agency focused on business transformation. MouthMedia Network is powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:Memeni

  • How value has to be given such as a financial incentive, exclusive content or networking
  • Some brands are paying for customer engagement
  • Use case of a shopping mall with 10k people/day walking in, then they walk out – now they use an app for incentive in the mall, and retailers and the mall understand who the user is, and stores post content relevant to those users
  • How Memeni appeals most to multi-product and multi-brand
  • Memeni learned how important it is to keep community managers active and not stagnant
  • How Memeni recently invested more in the management tool to provide more value, including a bot that allows keeping content fresh with a reminder, and responses to posts and comments
  • How Memeni built the entire platform from ground up
  • A lot of enterprises have a dream vision app in mind, and Memeni is 95% of that, so they work with them for APIs or custom dev work to integrate
  • The key metrics Memeni looks at
  • Other relevant community use cases such as co-working spaces, apartment complexes, closed communities, internal employee communities
  • Why stamina is needed in startup businesses, the importance of small successes and the how the right conversations help
  • When Fogel was involved in creating a co-working space for musicians and his team used that to secure a loan to start the business

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