232 – Sourcing Journal Summit – Trade and Taxes

Trade + Taxes: What’s Next for the the US and Global Trade, at the 2017 Sourcing Journal Summit…


Gail Strickler – President of Global Trade, Brookfield Associates

Steve Lamar, Executive Vice President, AAFA

Kimberlie Freund, Senior International Trade Analyst, USITC


About Sourcing Summit 2017: Pain Points + Pivots – October 17, 2017

It’s no longer news that sourcing is facing uncertain times or that retail is evolving faster than most companies can adapt. So now it’s time to talk about which points along the supply chain are causing the most pain and how to pivot and move forward.

Today’s consumers are all but easy to please, Amazon is testing drones that can deliver product in as little as 13 minutes and though most things trade have been verbally upended, nothing concrete has yet been settled or confirmed.

With all this considered, sourcing companies can’t afford to keep doing what they’ve always done.

The Sourcing Journal Summit is the most exclusive gathering of supply chain executives leading the sector’s latest initiatives. Top thought leaders will share key insights, talk about how they’re transitioning in this altered landscape and discuss the kinds of pivots and plans that will keep bankruptcy at bay—all through keynotes and interactive panel discussions designed to bring today’s sourcing issues to life.

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