Cathy Han

239 – Cathy Han of 42 Technologies – Search Superhero

Modern turn-key retail analytics and reporting solution built for omnichannel retailers…

Cathy HanCathy Han,  Founder/CEO of 42 Technologies, joins Pavan Bahl and Marc Raco on location at Shoptalk 2018 in Las Vegas to discuss the launch of a new NLP search product. MouthMedia networkstudioeast are powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • Terabytes of data and a query into data of performing stores, kinds of inventory, market spend strategy
  • Less than a second typically for individual searches vs. days in the past
  • Big data platform for retailers, create reporting based on any specific information need
  • BATMAN? (Business Analhtics Manager)
  • Reporting portal was powered by entire data API
  • How 42 technologies is able to use that name, acronym
  • Expressing how much depth there is in platform itself
  • 42’s goal always been to be the single access point for all retailrs going forwardCathy Han
  • This is the beginning (V1 product) of where they were heading
  • Another layer of product to accelerate and prove the power of the platform
  • Instead of ten projects, can bring them together into one
  • A technology application that can impact retailers to act quickly and nimbly, with agility
  • Breaking down into smaller pieces and texting with speed
  • Working with mid-tier retailers
  • Helping to make them stronger into next phase of business
  • People need outlets to sell and get to physical goods
  • Consumers have gotten smarter, retailers need to go where the consumers are
  • At Shoptalk,noting that AI moving from deep learning to applications
  • Automation of more accurate searches and product tagging can have big impact on business



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