238 – Michael Hard of Brickwork – Making Sure People Hear the Tree in the Forest

Leveraging digital to drive brick-and-mortar sales…

BrickworkMichael Hard, Chief Revenue Officer for Brickwork, a leading SaaS platform that enables retailers and brands to drive qualified online traffic to unique in-store experiences via geo-location features, joins Rob Sanchez and Pavan Bahl on location at Valtech’s Innovation Lab during NRF 2018 in New York. Valtech is a global digital agency focused on business transformation. MouthMedia Network is Powered by Sennheiser.

In this episode:

  • In retail, a majority of customers still in brick and mortar stores, but 80% of path to purchase starts online, mostly on mobile
  • Hard’s background, in software for a long time, worked with Microsoft for 17 years, ran digital advertising for the US, then started his own software companies
  • Brickwork is into even more interesting applications built on foundation of last time
  • Digital to store conversation for retail customers
  • Helping brands them to scale platform
  • The ability to create higher lifetime value of customer
  • Clients like Kate Spade, Bonobos, a lot of value booking one-to-one appointments to drive traffic for boutiques, or getting celebrity into store to drive traffic and excitement
  • Having rich experiences in stores, but if no one is aware of it why does it matter
  • Case study of Urban Outfitters working to make themselves a critical part of neighborhood, making each store unique to that neighborhood, exposing events to wider range of people, search optimized for local search
  • How Brickwork enables better workflows and more features such as appointment booking
  • Adding globalization that offers appropriate localization using regional conventions
    Integrations tracks all stages on user side from what ecommerce marketer thinks of it, email and marketing
  • From back/store side, systems retail associates or administrators think about (POS, inventory, clienteling)
  • Level of lift to implement and manage is minimal due to design and support by Brickwork
  • A sweet spot is a global brand with a big footprint
  • Why Brickwork is focused specifically on retail
  • Is there friction from employees/partners wanting to be able to take client books with them when leaving stores
  • Hard’s takeaways from key cities, being from Arizona, small town guy in New York and finding your world there, and rowing for the USA Rowing Team

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