252 – Sid Jatia of Under Armour – Zooming Out, Thinking Forward

Technology’s role in growing business by servicing the consumer, from the perspective of a major apparel brand…

Sid JatiaSid Jatia, Vice President of Global Ecommerce for sports apparel brand Under Armour, joins Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco, and guest host Rohan Deuskar (Stylitics) at South by Southwest.

In this episode:

  • Being associated with the innovation agenda is good, but events like SXSW force companies to stop, look back, zoom out, and ask what’s so excting about their brand, a moment of pause, look at status quo, look at what the future needs to be
  • Under Armour’s new subscription service aligning on the purpose of the brand to make you better
  • Armour Box
  • Connected sensors
  • IoT, as a platform, is the future
  • Progress in washability for wearable techSid Jatia
  • Commerce is the act of creating desire
  • Using tech in stores to drive
  • How does Under Armous play in helping people achieve their goals
  • Top of funnel marketing important to help in  conversion
  • Opportunities with connected fitness apps
  • The brand will win if you service the consumer
  • How the fitness trend in China is on fire
  • Importance of social portals in Asia
  • A need to protect privacy, using “Line” in Japan, consolidation platform
  • Machine learning, AI, impact for digital channels
  • Creating immersive experiences, how this helps with goals, top of funnel marketing

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