257 – Jason Kencevski of Speedmaster – Building a Big Online Retail Footprint

Building a massive, innovative online retail business from Australia…

SpeedmasterJason Kencevski of Speedmaster (a leader in its field, built on a long term consistency of being a specialist in aftermarket automotive components), joins Pavan Bahl, Paul Waddy (Operations Manager of Showpo), and Toni Fourie (Director of Nora Network) on location in Sydney, Australia at Online Retailer City and Nora Network, for a conversation presented by Fluent Commerce.

In this episode:

  • How Kencevski’s father building engines, putting food on table
  • Company innovated a lot started exporting privately manufactured Speedmaster products to the US
  • Having 300k SKUs and a big global footprint
  • Speedmaster has won many awards, numerous patents, a lot of innovation
  • Operating a 75k ft. facility
  • Exporting/manufacturing in Australia with one retail operation in Sydney
  • Seeing a huge gap in online automotive retail
  • Brick and mortar and wholesale has been Speedmaster’s footprint
  • Starting eBay Motor business in Australia
  • Moved to online business in America
  • The challenge that no one internationally will let you coexist
  • How Speedmaster succeeded with doing a two prong approach, flying under the radar, How Kencevski’s father had “deep pockets and broad shoulders”
  • Establishing key industry connections
  • How in the first 10 years Speedmaster was sued 30 times, because of marketing budget budgets of other companies to slow them down
  • The challenge of distance, cost of logistics
  • Licensing a data solution with Oracle
  • Cars, cars, and cars

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