256 – Julie Mathers, Phoebe Yu, and Anna Julia Forster – Sustainability, Transparency, Conscious Consumption

Australia’s retail and manufacturing  — sustainability, transparency, and conscious consumption…

Julie Mathers (Chief Experience Office (CEO) & Founder Flora & Fauna, Australia’s largest vegan beauty and lifestyle store), Phoebe Yu (Founder and CEO of ettitude, an Australian bedding startup offering high quality, modern, minimalistic bedding ataccessible prices with a focus on innovative fabric technology), and Anna Julia Forster (Passionate Shoemaker, and Sustainability Advocate), join Pavan Bahl on location in Sydney, Australia at Online Retailer City and Nora Network, for a conversation presented by Fluent Commerce.

In this episode

  • A focus on sustainability, educating consumers
  • Julie Mathers of Flora and Fauna, a “B-Corp”, across beauty skin care, fashion, and even chocolate
  • Pheobe Yu of ettitude, the world’s first organic bamboo lyocell fabric, in manufacturing they recycle water in system, whole process is sustainable
  • See trends, people want that life style
  • Anna Julie Foster Shoes – bespoke shoemaker, launching a sustainable premium footwear brand for women, but vegan products aren’t there yet, focus on transparency, cutting out plastics and chemicals, and won’t add to trash pile
  • The sustainable initiative has moved to “must do this”, with fashion as second largest polluter in world
  • In Sydney a lot of attention and being mindful to sustainable
  • Very few compostable facilities in Australia, despite compostable materials, so they end up in landfills, can’t provide sufficient services
  • Growing up with recycling in other counties, looking at if Australians are good at recycling?
  • Chasing brands that are sustainabley minded, and using naturally sourced materials, and working with suppliers to advance their journey toward sustainability
  • Simple things brands can do to advance sustainable – go to the factory and tell them you don’t want those thin plastic bags for clothing anymore, switch to natural materials (i.e. corn starch based bags)
  • A merchandising approach can reduce impact, and even increase revenue
  • Tracking and tracing the impact and cooperation of brands
  • Customers buying in good faith, but looking at levels from start to shelf, could be misleading for customer
  • Impact of blockchain for transparency, brands not there yet, happening with food more
  • A focus on internals of business as much as what the customer sees
  • How China got away from a “no waste ethos” as they grew
  • Sustainability, transparency, conscious consumption

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