Beth Esponnette of unspun – The Circle of Custom Fit

Reinventing apparel with additive manufacturing, and scaling custom fit…

Beth Esponnette, Co-founder and Chief Visionary of unspun, Inc. (a venture-backed robotics and apparel company, building custom jeans for each consumer, on demand), joins Nataliya Makulova on location at ReMode Conference in Los Angeles.

In this episode:

  • A hardware and software company
  • Mass production, keep fighting to be able to produce custom and on demandunspun
  • 70% of purchases are impulse buys, and mass production can’t usually meet that need
  • Scaling custom fit
  • Why unseen is different than a tailor
  • No need for second fitting
  • Unspun will utilize a 3D model of you
  • Bulding a machine to weave the product
  • Why they are talking about it instead of keeping it in stealth mode – to inspire
  • Advantage of being in San Francisco
  • Visions of robotics, and the way of the future
  • 3D knitting possibilities
  • Wovens are difficult because the need to be creating a structure, so customs and one-offs must be 3D woven
  • Currently producing jeans, takes three weeks to be cut and sewn,  but soon should be only hours
  • Being driven by a love of circular product lifecycles and more variety with less inventory and mass of what is made
  • Challenges to solve, and the value of Remode
  • Direct to Consumer vs. Business-to-Business approaches, and why it is important to become an expert as a brand
  • The need for personal balance, and a company culture that support it (including Hacky Sack
  • Keeping in touch with the world to be reminded of what you’re fighting for

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